Virtue Plus was established in 1990 as All-Line Distributors and is still owned and operated by the same family over 30 years later!

At Virtue Plus we offer outstanding product knowledge and a huge range of quality products. We aim to supply A plus service like no other business supplier!

Over the past few decades, the Virtue Plus team has grown so much! Our head office is in Tasmania and a branch in Victoria.

Every member of our team holds a dedication to our customers and the values we stand for.

John is one of the original faces from way back when! He has had over 32 years of experience in supplying businesses with systems and quality products. John enjoys learning from his customers and their experiences. 

Robert, or mostly known as Rob is an expert at providing customer with the perfect dispensers for their business. He has installed a lot of dispensers over three decades as one of the other original faces of the Virtue+ team. Rob will go above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy.  

Ben manages the team and keeps everyday operations under control. When he is out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family enjoying the outdoors and exploring the beautiful scenery of Tasmania.

For the past decade, Nathan has ventured out and about, making sure our customers have everything they need to run their business smoothly. He has a passion for saving his customers money, by providing them cost effective solutions. 

Edward is our newest addition to the sales team. He enjoys grilling a thick steak over charcoal of a weekend.  

Jay develops projects and keeps business expansion opportunities moving forward. Jay loves to go to the beach during the summer and keeps a close eye on Formula 1 throughout the year.

Michael is our warehouse manager, keeping everything running behind the scenes and literally keeping the show on the road! Making sure that everything is picked, packed and delivered on time. Michael is an inspiring coach, not only to the team at Virtue+, but also to his soccer team.   

You may have spotted Andrew on social media more than once. When he isn’t being photogenic, he is making his way down the West Coast, delivering goods to our customers every other day with road trips to Hobart and surrounding areas. 

Meanwhile, Ryan makes deliveries to the North West and Launceston areas. Give him a wave if you spot the Virtue+ van out and about! Ryan is an avid basketballer and gets on the courts whenever he can. 

Rick helps keep things running smoothly in the warehouse, picking orders and restocking the shelves.

Jordan helps with picking and packing orders in the warehouse.

Deborah is an executive assistant to Robert. She loves to make mini masterpieces with latte art and enjoys getting out for a swim whenever she can. 

Sarah wears a few hats! She keeps the books in balance and helps the Zando team with their Sales.    

Liz is the newest face at Virtue+, she greets our customers when they visit the showroom and assists the sales team. Liz is a whiz in the kitchen and loves to keep adding interior design touches to her home. 

Emmeline is the go-to-gal for our Loyalty Rewards Program! She is a huge sports fan and especially loves to support Cronulla Sharks Rugby Team. 

For the past few years, Megan has been using her creative flair to produce our promotional materials and keeps the website looking top notch! Megan also uses her creative flair as an avid illustrator. 

Virtue Plus is the proud supplier of Zando Coffee. Kim is the Zando sales guru, keeping customers stocked up with everything they need for the perfect cup of coffee. She adores taking walks along the beach with her dogs. 

Eddie is the Zando tech, making sure that every coffee machine is working perfectly around Tasmania. You may have spotted Eddie out on the road in the Zando van! Eddie loves to explore Tasmania with his father on the weekends. 

At Virtue Plus, we have a dedication to our team and customers that is reflected in our business values: Honesty, Commitment, Loyalty, Teamwork and Respect.